Welcome to Jigsaw +10K / +2K / +0.5K

Jisgaw +10K is a Jigsaw puzzle game for Android (Amazon Appstore), iPad, iPhone & iPod touch that breaks the 1000 pieces barrier of this kind of games, offering a challenge with more than 10000 pieces (11926 in the current version)

Jisgaw +2K is 10k's little brother, with only 2000 pieces and is available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and Android (Amazon AppStore)

Jisgaw +0.5K is the free version, with ads. It includes all the functionality and over 500 pieces for each puzzle. It is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad & Android (Amazon AppStore)

The main features are:

  • To help with the challenge, you can use virtual boards to separate your pieces in colors, shape or whatever criteria you decide. You can have as many as you need
  • Organize your virtual boards in the layout you prefer
  • Identify them by name or color
  • Rotate and move pieces with simple gestures
  • Move an Zoom each virtual board independently
  • Move pieces in area
  • Contextual menu (tap&hold) for moving, rotating & selecting pieces
  • You can limit your movement so only pieces movement or board movement would be allowed
  • You can view a reference image in any virtual board
  • You can submit and compare your score (time to finish). The time will stop counting if no action is done
  • You can have more than one instance of the jigsaw: you can try again or share it with a friend or relative.
  • Localized in Chinese, English, French, Korean, Japanese and Spanish
  • Fourteen images available in 10k, twenty-one in 2k, twenty-two in 0.5K.
  • 8 sets of 10 images available for 0.5k versions as in app purchases
  • You can add custom photos
  • 10k includes 2k and 05k sets. 2K includes 5K set
  • Upload progress on Facebook & Twitter
  • Different levels (can select a lower number of pieces)

Recommended as one of the Underrated IOS Games To Play